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No-Fault Divorce To Become Law

Justice Secretary David Gauke announced that no-fault divorces are to become law in the UK. At present, a couple must be married for a year and a day before they can apply for divorce. If after this time they choose to divorce, either partner can file for it, but only if certain conditions are met. Either the marriage must […]

No-fault divorce to become law

No-fault divorces are to be introduced into law. Justice Secretary, David Gauke, confirmed he will bring in legislation enacting the reform in the next session of parliament, removing the need for separating couples to wait for years or allocate blame for the collapse of their relationship. Under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 in England and […]

Council of Europe calls for Muslim couples in UK to legally register marriage before or during Islamic ceremony

The Council of Europe has said Muslim couples getting married in the UK should be legally required to civilly register their union before or during the Islamic ceremony. The organisation raised concerns about the role of sharia councils in family, inheritance and commercial law and called for obstacles stopping Muslim women from accessing justice to be removed. British authorities were asked […]

Jersey residents asked about views on divorce law

Jersey residents have been asked by their government how their 70-year old divorce law should be changed in a public consultation. Views were sought on whether people should be allowed to divorce before their 3rd year of marriage. The public were also asked if the age of marriage should be increased to 18 years of […]

Scottish man takes divorce to Supreme Court

A Scottish aristocrat has won the right to take his case to the Supreme Court. Charles Villiers, 55, accused his former spouse, Emma, 60, of “trying it on” in the English courts as a divorce tourist, claiming she only moved to London when they separated in order to apply for maintenance via the more generous […]