Home Office refuses to end indefinite detention of immigrants

The Home Office has rejected calls from parliament’s human rights committee to cease the indefinite detention of immigrants, according to The Law Gazette.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) recommended a 28-day limit on immigration detention, claiming the current detention system is ‘slow, unfair and expensive to run.’

Earlier this year the JCHR said, ‘Indefinite detention causes distress and anxiety and can trigger mental illness and exacerbate mental health conditions where they already exist. Moreover, the lack of a time limit on immigration detention reduces the incentive for the Home Office to progress cases promptly.’

Last week, the Home Office that a time limit would ‘severely constrain the ability to maintain balanced and effective immigration control, potentially incentivise significant abuse of the system, and put the public at risk’ as reported by The Law Gazette.

Chair of the JCHR, Harriet Harman, said, ‘Home Office immigration detention is arbitrary, unfair and breaches human rights. Repeated detention and release, which characterises the system, shows that it must be reformed.’



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