New divorce law could lead to ‘spike’ in divorces

Justice secretary David Gauke has said a new law could lead to a ‘spike’ in divorces, but the rate is ultimately like to “remain much the same.”

Mr Gauke said people were holding off until the law changed leading to an increase “in the waiting list.”

Mr Gauke added that it was vital the reforms were made to end the divorce “blame game.”

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill removes the need, in England and Wales, to find fault in order to start proceedings immediately.

The bill was approved by MPs at its second reading.

Mr Gauke told the Commons current rules prevent couples from separating “if they have grown apart” unless they have the means to live apart for two years.

He also said a change in the law would help in situations where there is one abusive partner, but the other does not want to raise these issues in court.




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