£20k Fine for Landlord

A ‘negligent’ landlord from Camberwell has been ordered to pay costs of more than £20,000 after failing to apply for a licence.

Omo Ayoade, 45, appeared in Camberwell Magistrates’ Court after complaints from his tenants and after he failed to apply for a license.

A resident living in one of his three flats had complained to Southwark Council about bed-bugs in November 2017.

Following that, the council became aware of a collapsed ceiling that still hasn’t been fixed since it fell in.

After a council visit, Ayoade was ordered to fix the ceiling but failed to do so. The council then said they would fix it themselves and bill Ayoade for the work.

As well as failing to apply for a new landlord license, Southwark Council said Ayoade had also ignored their letters.


The council had already taken action against Ayoade in 2013 when he was told to pay costs and fines totalling £1,938 over failing to comply with an improvement notice after various problems with his homes were discovered.


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