Landlord accused of illegally renting out property claims he is being “ruthlessly” victimised by Council

A landlord who is accused of illegally renting out property has said he “is only helping people.”

Robert Crow, 69, is accused of breaching a court order which banned him renting out his Southend property after he was convicted of 18 offences in September.

Mr Crow attended Southend Magistrate’s Court.

His address has repeatedly been the subject of complaints of antisocial behaviour and was the scene of a stabbing in October 2017.

Mr Crow claims he “is only helping people”, saying those he has housed “would die” if not taken in.

The 18 charges against Mr Crow related to the dangerous, insanitary and substandard living conditions of the property including water leaking through lights, an insanitary kitchen, bath and shower facilities which were caked in filth and tiny bedrooms hoarded with rubbish.


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