Free legal helpline launched to simplify conveyancing process

The legal side of property transactions can be a lengthy and complicated process.

A recent study found that the average conveyancing case involved 130 documents, as well as 300 emails between clients and agents or lawyers.

In light of this, UNU Group has launched a free legal helpline, designed to offer help and support.

The helpline was founded by a group of industry experts, designed to offer impartial advice to customers to put them at ease during the conveyancing process.

UNU Group Director said, “We don’t think people should be kept in the dark about something as important as the buying and selling of their property, just because they may not understand legal jargon.

“The UNU Group helpline is designed to provide friendly and helpful advice to guide you through the conveyancing process. We wanted to offer this without there being a cost implication, so that anyone can access our services.”

The 24-hour helpline can be reached on 0800 085 8512.



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