Man accused father’s best friend of stealing inheritance

A man broke down in court after accusing his father’s best friend of stealing his inheritance.

The court heard that Richard Elliott had discovered his father had signed over the family home to his best friend, Graeme Prance, on the day he died.

Prance, 53, is charged with fraudulently helping himself to £60,000 of his friend’s savings after being granted Power of Attorney over his affairs.

A jury heard Richard Elliott had a “difficult relationship” with his father although the pair lived together.

Through a video link Mr Elliott said, “On the day my dad died Graeme said to me: ‘Did you realise your dad left me the bungalow?’

“He said I was not to worry because I could carry on living there rent free and he would not kick me out on the street.”

Mr Elliott said he “knew for a fact” that his father had left the bungalow to him in his will.

Mr Elliott, who was his father’s principle carer, told the court, “That has unfortunately been taken off me – it breaks my heart.

“It was stolen from me, it was my inheritance. My mum left it to my dad to be passed on to me when he died.”

Prance denies four charges of fraud and the trial continues.





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