Estranged wife of retired racing driver demands half of £11m family fortune

A retired racing car driver is being taken to court by his estranged wife after she was left with ‘almost nothing’ of the £11.4 million family fortune.

Following divorce proceedings, Anita Brack, 51, was left with just £500,000 while former IndyCar champion, Kenny Brack, 52, took more than £10 million in the Family Division of the London court. 

Anita claimed she was made to sign a pre-nup ahead of their marriage in December 2000.

She is now demanding that half the family money should be hers after the couple divorced after two children and 15 years of marriage.

A divorce judge has rejected her claim for an equal share of the money due to her signing the agreement in full knowledge of what they meant.

Mr and Mrs Brack both filed for divorce – the husband in Sweden and wife in the UK – in February 2015 and separated a month later. 

Mr Justice Francis in the Family Court said, ‘I do not believe it to be fair, after a marriage of this length and with these contributions and these children, for the wife to be left with almost nothing and for the husband to be left with almost everything.

‘The overwhelming majority of the assets were generated during the marriage.

‘I have found that the wife did understand that she was signing a pre-nuptial agreement that would govern the financial consequences of the marriage if it ended.

‘The court should accord respect to the decision of a married couple as to the manner in which their financial affairs should be regulated.’


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