Mother in dispute with son over family estate

A woman and her estranged son are immersed in a courtroom dispute over a family estate.

After Stephen Moore was written out of his parents will, he successfully challenged the move in 2016, claiming his father, who now lives in a care home and has advanced dementia, repeatedly promised the estate would all be his one day.

Challenging the 2016 decision at the Appeal Court, Pamela Moore’s barrister Christopher Pymont said: “Pamela is the wife in a successful marriage of 50 years with rights to a half share of anything her husband had, should it come to it.”

Mr Pymont added that her husband had full mental capacity when he changed his will and had intended “to protect Pamela” if he died first.

The mother of three has the right to live in her home until her death and has an income from her son. But she is angry she no longer owns or controls any of the family land or money.

Mr Pymont said, “The effect of the judge’s order is that Pamela has no assets left. Roger would have made sure Pamela was well provided for.”

He also said the ruling forced the pair to live “locked together”.

He added: “Where you have parties so divided, it is simply not practical to be living right on top of one another. She’d rather live somewhere else.”


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