Former Council officer jailed for £100,000 benefit fraud

A former council officer has been jailed for three years for stealing over £100,000 in benefits.

Sancho Jayaratnam, aged 58 from Bushey, was caught by police and Harrow Council committing multiple acts of fraud.

He was convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud by abuse of position .

Jayaratnam, a former benefit assessor for the council, worked with accomplices to create bogus payments from customer claims transferring them illegally into his collaborators bank accounts.

One of the accomplices, Gabriella Morosan, 28, recruited an entire network to launder the stolen money.

Morosan pleaded guilty to the same charge receiving an 18-month suspended sentence as well as 100 hours community service.

Jayaratnam claimed he was coerced by a criminal gang. The judge  dismissed this claim as fantasy and said he must return the cash he stole or face further jail time.

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