Carer Steals Over £300k From 102-Year-Old Woman

A carer has been jailed for nine years for stealing more than £300,000 from a vulnerable 102-year-old woman and ordered to pay back the cash.

Carer, Julie Sayles, 60, used her position to steal from Edith Negus.

Sayles conned Negus after setting up a joint account with her as she knew the pensioner had saved a substantial amount of money.

Sayles then made payments totalling £287, 688 into the joint account from Mrs Negus’ savings.

Furthermore, Sayles wrote herself into Ms Negus’ Will in an attempt to steal the rest of her assets after her death in October 2014.

After stealing all of the pensioner’s life savings, Sayles spent £125,000 on a house in Wiltshire and bought another house totalling £119,995 in Scarborough.

Sayles denied the offence but was eventually sentenced to five counts of fraud at Hull Crown Court and was jailed for nine years.

It was confirmed in court that Sayles has £297,000 in her bank accounts and was told she had a month to pay it back to Ms Negus’s estate.

Sayles was given three months to repay the remaining £18,000 otherwise face another six months in prison.

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