Ex-husband in contempt of court over unpaid £453m divorce bill

A Russian billionaire has not paid his ex-wife “one cent” of the £453m he was ordered to pay, a court in London has heard.

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave told the family division of the high court that Farkhad Akhmedov was in contempt of court.

In December 2016 Mr Haddon-Cave ordered Mr Akhmedov to pay his e-wife a 41.5% share of his £1bn-plus fortune.

Hodge Malek QC said, “Not a cent has been paid to Ms Akhmedova. It is clear though that assets have been moved.”

Mr Haddon-Cave said, “Mr Akhmedov in any event remains in contempt of this court. It is Ms Akhmedova who is prejudiced by the continued delay in this case.”

Akhmedova was at the hearing, but her ex-husband was not.

The judge had previously criticised Akhmedov, saying it was apparent that he had taken “numerous elaborate steps” to hide his wealth and evade the enforcement of the judgment, including by “concealing his assets in a web of offshore companies.”


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