Ex-wife receives £115MILLION in one of UK’s biggest ever divorce settlements

An ex-wife has been granted £115million in one of the UK’s biggest ever divorce settlements.

The woman and her former husband cannot be named for legal reasons after Justice Baker concluded there was “little if any” public interest in identifying the chief executive of a company behind a “very well-known product.”

The case was heard at private family court hearings in London.

Justice Baker said the ex-wife wanted a £230 million lump sum but her businessman ex-husband, who is in his early 50s, offered just £20 million.

The judge said, “Their story is therefore typical of countless other couples whose cases come before the family court.

“What makes their case unusual is that the husband is an extremely successful businessman.

“Although he is not himself a well-known public figure, his products are widely used by millions of people across the world.”

Lawyers representing them argued that publicity would lead to a “serious interference” in their everyday life.