Residents take landlords and managers to court over ‘skyrocketing’ management fees

Residents living in an apartment block in Kingswood have taken the building’s owners and managers to court over “skyrocketing” and “extortionate” management fees.

Residents of Grantham Apartments in Two Mile Hill claim the amount they pay per month to management company ABC Estates for general works and repairs has more than doubled in the past few years.

The property owner and manager have also demanded a further £50,000 from the 13 apartment owners in order to pay for “major works” to be carried on the property.

A civil hearing was held to determine whether the management fees being charged and the amount being asked for to carry out major works are reasonable.

The hearing was the second tribunal between the residents and the companies.

The initial one took place last year and resulted in favour of the tenants who had claimed ABC Estates was overcharging them in maintenance charges and management fees.

Their decision to return to court was induced by a further rise in fees, and the demand for £50k to pay for works on the building.

Christine Crowe, a resident who was nominated by the tenants to represent them at the hearing said: “We can’t afford all these prices and charges going up and up each year with less and less work being done.”