Husband faked wife’s signature and applied for divorce without her knowledge

A court heard that a man forged his ill wife’s signature on legal documents and applied for a divorce without her knowledge,

The victim discovered his actions when she visited the marital home to collect person items and found the divorce petition.

Swansea Magistrates Court heard Nicky Mark Jones, 44, had been married for 18 years before separating.

Mr Jones continued to live in the marital home even though the property was owned jointly by him and his wife even though the couple maintained “minimal contact.”

Mrs Jones became seriously unwell in 2015. Following her release from hospital in 2016 she contacted her estranged partner because she wanted to collect personal items from the house.

The court heard that when she received no reply from him she went to the house and let herself in, then discovering an open letter from the family court in Port Talbot about their divorce.

Mrs Jones went on to ring the court to find out what was happening and was told divorce proceedings had been instigated and had proceeded through the early stages and was now approaching the decree absolute.

The divorce process was halted after the victim alerted the authorities.

Jones admitted forging his wife’s signature after trying to get in touch with her but getting no replies.

He claimed they had verbally agreed to divorce.

Jones pleaded guilty to making a false instrument with intent that it be accepted as genuine.

District Judge Neale Thomas said, “This strikes at the heart of the whole divorce process.

“It is fundamental that both parties consent to the divorce.

“The court has been deceived – it seems to me to be an inherently serious state of affairs.

“I am quite sure it is not proper for me to sentence this case.”