Housewife given £453 million by divorce court judge wins latest round of legal battle

A Russian housewife who was awarded £453m by a London divorce court judge after her marriage ended has won the latest round of a legal battle.


Tatiana Akhmedova was given a 41.5% share of Farkhad Akhmedov’s fortune by Mr Justice Haddon-Cave following a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court.

This award is thought to be the biggest made by a divorce court judge in England.


Three appeal judges published a further ruling after considering legal issues involving a solicitor who worked for Mr Akhmedov.


A spokesman for Mr Kerman said, “Mr Kerman is inevitably disappointed with the decision and is concerned about the impact this will have on clients and their lawyers. An appeal is being considered.”


Mr Akhmedov said that he married Tatiana Akhmedova in Russia and the marriage was dissolved in Russia and that British courts should not “interfere.”


In a statement Mr Akhmedov said,


“I am neither surprised nor disappointed by this ruling, even though I had hoped that the higher court might have shown some impartiality. Instead, its decision proves again that there is no justice for me in British courts. That is why I withdrew from the original divorce proceedings.


“The British courts should never have sought to interfere in a former marriage which took place in Russia, between two Russian citizens and which had long been dissolved in that country with generous provision for my ex-wife.”

He added, “I shall continue to defend all my rights in other jurisdictions, as will those responsible for the trust holding my family’s wealth.

“I believe other courts will act in a more reasonable and less partial manner than the British courts have done.”