Wife who signed pre-nup but got £90million in divorce wants £25million more

A wife who signed a pre-nup before marrying a multi-millionare has been given £90 million after their divorce.

However, she is fighting for more as she claims that amount is “unfair.”

Property tycoon, Gerard Versteegh and Camilla Versteegh were married for 21 years.

A court battle ensued after they split in 2014. Mrs Versteegh was handed around £90m worth of cash and assets in January last year.

Tim Bishop QC, for the wife, told three senior judges, “Mrs Versteegh is a mother and homemaker. Mr Versteegh is a successful businessman.

“They were married in Stockholm and immediately moved to England, where they have lived ever since.

“On the day before the marriage, August 27 1993, Mr Versteegh turned up at his bride to be’s home with a pre-marital agreement.

“She signed it without any legal advice or the opportunity for any legal advice.”

Mr Bishop added: “The marriage broke down in 2014 in traumatic circumstances. The trust between the parties and ability to co-operate was permanently lost.

“These feelings have only been exacerbated by a long and acrimonious divorce.”