Ex-husband awarded half of former wife’s fortune

A woman has called for divorce laws to be modernised after her ex-husband was awarded a £2million settlement.

Julie Arnold is challenging ‘out of date’ legislation that saw her adulterous husband given half of their £5.45million fortune, despite being married to him for less than four years.

She is calling for divorce laws to be adapted to fit changing relationship trends with couples marrying later, having shorter marriages and having had no children.

Ms Arnold told The Telegraph,

“Matrimonial law relies on a 1973 act and distributes wealth based on case law involving a couple who married in 1961 and stayed together for 30 years.

“Our life is different now and there will be more and more couples who divorce after shorter marriages before they have children.

“It was still a lottery win, just for being with someone.

“If we’d stayed married, we would still have kept our finances separate and he would not have had his £2million.”