Businessman jailed for contempt of court after forging mother’s will

A businessman has been given a one-year jail term after judges concluded he had forged his mother’s will and was in contempt of court.

Girish Patel, who is in 60s, had been embroiled in litigation with brother Yashwant, who is in his 70s, over control of a multi-million family business empire.

He had claimed he was the sole beneficiary of his mother Prabhavati’s will at a High Court hearing in London last year.

However, Judge Andrew Simmonds concluded he had forged the will.

Patel later admitted giving false evidence.

Another judge has now imposed a 12-month prison sentence after concluding that Patel was in contempt of court.

Mr Justice Marcus Smith had analysed contempt issues at a further High Court hearing in London earlier this month and has announced his conclusions in a written ruling.

Judges were told he had forged the will in the hope of gaining “tactical advantages” in the on-going business battle.