Princess of Luxembourg’s divorce taken to UK court

Princess Tessy of Luxembourg is splitting from her husband Prince Louis following an 11 year marriage.

Princess Tessy is now facing accusations of being a ‘gold digger’ after she launched divorce proceedings in the London courts.

Princess Tessie, 31, arrived for an initial hearing last week at the Royal Courts of Justice, in a bid to obtain a fair settlement in her divorce.

A High Court judge imposed interim reporting restrictions, preventing the media disclosing any of the financial details discussed in court.

The Princess’ counsel, Deborah Bangay QC, told the court: “My client has no wish to litigate and she made a very reasonable and sensible proposal. Unfortunately that proposal was rejected and my client had no option but to pursue this in litigation.”

Following the hearing Ms Bangay said: “She is not a gold digger. Far from it. She is simply seeking a fair and proper settlement.”

District Judge Richard Robinson granted a decree nisi at a family court in London in February after Princess Tessy spoke of the Prince’s “unreasonable behaviour.”

The Princess’ name has since been removed from the official website of the Luxembourg Royal Family and she lost her diplomatic status.

She will also lose the title of Royal Highness and will cease to be called Princess once the divorce becomes final.



Landlord fined £100,000 for illegally converting a home into seven separate flats

A landlord has been fined £100,000 after illegally converting a Barking home into seven studio flats.

Nazmul Haq, 54, converted a five-bedroom family home, which was registered as a private address, into seven flats.

Mr Haq further built an illegal extension to the property.

Mr Haq first had an enforcement notice issued in March 2014.

This gave him six months to return the house to its original condition.

However, after six months, enforcement officers found the condition of the house to be the same.

Mr Haq was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on March 24.

On September 22 he was issued with an £80,000 confiscation order as well as a £7,500 fine and a further £14,376 court costs.

If the fine is not paid within three months, Mr Haq faces the possibility of going to jail for two years.

Councillor Laila Butt said: “We will use whatever powers available to us to take action against illegal landlords who put profit ahead of people.”

Entrepreneur facing one of Britain’s biggest divorce settlements claims poverty

An entrepreneur said to be worth more than £200million is ‘pleading poverty,’ according to his estranged wife’s divorce lawyers.


The High Court heard that Andy Ruhan’s fortune was so large ‘it’s impossible to quantify.’


The 55-year-old who once owned 37 Thistle Hotels and sat on the board of the Lotus Formula One team, however, has claimed to be £4.2million in debt.


Since separating in 2013, Mrs Richardson-Ruhan, 49, has remained at the family home with their two children, whilst Mr Ruhan lived on a luxury yacht named Babylon.


Mrs Richardson-Ruhan’s lawyer, Sally Harrison QC, said the court would have ‘to decide whether the husband, who on anybody’s account is a phenomenally successfully entrepreneur, has fallen so spectacularly from grace that now he has nothing’.


Miss Harrison added, ‘There are in this case very clear and obvious themes that emerge. That is particularly the husband’s dishonesty, the way in which he partially discloses matters and often gives an incomplete history of his financial dealings.’

Judge, Mr Justice Mostyn, said the dispute over Mr Ruhan’s wealth was ‘so enormous… it dominates the entire disposition.


The case continues.