Property Tycoon Settles Divorce Dispute

A property tycoon who claimed his estranged wife was not entitled to a share of his fortune because their marriage certificate was fake has settled a High Court dispute.

Asif Aziz said last month that he and his estranged wife Tagilde Aziz were both born abroad and obtained a “fake” marriage certificate so a child they had adopted could get a passport.

Mrs Aziz, however, disputed his claim and said they were married for 15 years and claimed she is entitled to a “fair share” of the marital finances she put at £1.1 billion.

Mrs Aziz, who is in her 50s, maintained that a Muslim ceremony of marriage had taken place in Malawi in 2002.

Lawyers for both sides have now told Mr Justice Moor, at a public hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London, that an agreement had been reached.

Details of the terms of the settlement were not given.